When can you wear pearls?

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when can you wear pearls

The etiquette on wearing a pearl necklace during the day, traditionally, is to wear a single pearl stand with a blouse. Over the years, as with so many things, the rules have gone out the window and pearls are no exception!

The joy of owning pearl necklaces is that they really do with everything, on every occassion. You can never go wrong with classic pearl jewellery.

Younger girls tend to prefer, and suit, smaller and more delicate pearl necklaces like those around the 3mm size range or tiny rice pearl necklaces. These make wonderful gifts for god daughters, bridesmaids or any younger girl as they can worn throughout her life and always look appropriate. A subtle and discreet pearl necklace will always look beautiful.

Pearl necklaces make perfect ‘coming out’ gifts at 16, 18 and 21 Traditionally, these were given to a daughter by her father to mark the special birthday, but today we see these necklaces being given by either parent, grandparents and god mothers as special gifts.

baroque pearl
Pearl necklaces make beautiful gifts

Pearls can be worn in the evenings or at formal occasions where larger pearls, or pearls and dimaond earrings, are all the norm. Larger pearls in a more dramatic setting will make the perfect accessory to a cocktail dress or small formal outfit.

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