Unusual pearl necklaces make wonderful gifts

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unusual pearl necklaces

Unusual pearl necklaces make wonderful gifts – not least because they show some thought went into the choosing as well as the purchasing process. Most of our pearls  are totally classic and they will always have a place in the heart of a jewellery collection. But sometimes – it needs to be bolder, bigger or more colourful to really stand out and make that impact.

What about these Biwa twist necklaces? Each one is unique, which makes them very special. The size of pearls and the colours give a huge diversity to this range. The original Biwa pearls come from Japan but now we source them in China in their clear freshwater lakes.

unusual pearl necklace






We love these pretty Illusion pearls which make very unusual pearl necklaces. Each pearl appears to be suspended in air. We use gorgeous cultured freshwater pearls stationed on translucent nylon to give the illusion of floating pearls. These necklaces are hand strung with classic cream pearls on a 17 inch standard length with a silver lobster clasp.

unusual pearl necklaces






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