Are pearls a good gift for Christmas?

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pearls a good gift

Are pearls a good gift?

Yes, pearls are a good gift for any time of the year, from birthdays to Christmas to weddings. Traditionally, fathers gave daughters pearls as Coming Of Age gifts and mothers gave daughters pearls for significant birthdays and as a wedding gift. There must have been many pearls passed down the generations, too! So what makes pearls a good gift?

Pearls have been popular for thousands of years. They became popular in the first century in Rome, but had been known and loved in the East for a long time before that. Cleopatra loved pearls and is on record for owning two of the largest pearls known at the time but dissolving one of them in vinegar and drinking it!

Fortunately, there’s no need to do anything so extreme now. Pearls are seen as a classic gift and there are pearls for every age and every occassion. Generally speaking, simpler designs and smaller pearls suit younger ladies while older ladies often prefer the bigger and more elaborate designs. Some gift ideas to consider would be:

Tiny pearl studs and charming pearl bracelets make lovely gifts for young girls and younger bridesmaids.

Simple pearl necklaces are gorgeous on girls around 18 – 25, make a great 21st birthday gift too

Pearl drop earrings are very attractive and add movement, meaning they ‘dress up’ a simple outfit

Pearl and diamond earrings are incredibly popular as gifts because everyone loves wearing them!

Pearl chokers make statement pieces for black tie dos and also make perfect pearl anniversary gifts


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