Pearl restringing service brings new life to your jewellery

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pearl restringing

Pearl restringing is an art learned over many years and many thousands of necklaces. Harriet Whinney Pearls use traditional, full knotted restringing to refresh, restore and preserve the life and quality of your pearls. We recommend restringing pearls every two years if you wear your pearls regularly.

Our professional stringer, knotting by hand, places an evenly sized knot between each pearl while handling multiple strands of silk and pearls. Each item is treated with a great deal of care so that you receive back a beautiful, perfectly balanced piece of jewellery. The overall design needs to be retained while the order can be re-sorted if requested. The tiny drill holes in the pearls are examined to ensure the correct size threads. Restringing requires cool hands and a calm manner to keep the tension and focus constant throughout the process. We finish our hand strung necklaces with fine French wire called gimp which links the pearls to the clasp.

Your pearls will need some attetion from time to time. Things to check include:

Are threads stretched, broken or discoloured?
Has the French wire (gimp) oxidised to green or black?
Is the clasp easy to handle? Does it work properly?

We’ll happily provide you with a quote for pearl restringing once we’ve seen them. General pricing guidelines can be found HERE.

pearl restringing service

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