Pearl necklace with a lot of history

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pearl necklace La Peregrina

Pearl necklace with history don’t come more exotic than La Perigrina. Found in Panama by a slave more than 500 years ago, it was quickly much sought after and has become one of the more expensive pearls in the world.

The pearl is suspended from a pearl, diamond and ruby necklace and has adorned the necks of Mary 1 and Elizabeth Taylor. It has been owned by Philip of France, Napolean and English Earls. During this period, it was lost down a sofa at Windsor Castle and during a ball at Buckingham Palace. Luckily, it was found both times!

In private owenership, it has been rumoured to sell for £8m. Our pearl necklaces may not be so extravagent but they look lovely anyway. We have noticed the trend for pearl chokers has continued through 2016 along with a passion for pendants and rope twists. At our shows this year, these are consistent favourites.

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