Pearl jewellery buying tips

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Pearl jewellery buying tips

pearl jewellery buying tipsAre you looking at buying some pearl jewellery for yourself or as a gift and feeling dazed by the choice? Here are some top tips on buying pearls – but as always, it’s probably easier to visit us at an event or call us. We’re happy to share our expertise!

Pearls are mysterious, soothing & uplifting. They make us feel good. Pearls light up the face & lift the skin. Consider your own unique colour palette; your hair, eyes, complexion, wardrobe colours. Hold pearls against your face & neck to see which shade suits you. Be guided by the beauty and lustre of pearls & trust your intuition; what attracts the eye initially is often the best choice. Ask for advice, the experienced sales team will give an informed answer

  • Classic cream pearls sit well on nearly all skin tones
  • Cool white pearls contrast beautifully with dark skin or white hair
  • Cool Lavender pink pearls are pretty on mature pale skin & light eyes
  • Golden apricot pearls light up strawberry blondes & red-heads
  • Iridescent silver grey pearls chic with silver grey or raven hair
  • Peacock pearls informal yet classic with contrasting dark hair or eyes & pale skin

A string of pearls is rarely perfect in size and shape. Testing pearls with teeth can scratch them as tooth enamel is harder. When softly and gently rubbed together, a subtle gritty texture is discerned. Real pearls are heavy and silky. Deviations from perfection usually suggest authenticity; Check for small natural blemishes on the surface. Look for rich lustre & sheen. Inspect areas where tiny holes are drilled for fine hand stringing. See slight variations in colour and study pearls in daylight where possible. Faux pearls are usually light in weight, smooth to the touch and shiny. NB: We restring many beautiful Vintage faux pearls that hold precious memories. Customers are delighted to have them restored for safe keeping.

Pearls are worn by all generations. 30th Wedding Anniversary is celebrated with pearls. Pearl is the birthstone for June. A bride wears simple pearls on her wedding day & chooses a delicate pearl bracelet or pearl diamante earrings or a fine pearl Illusion necklace for her bridesmaids. Pearls are a popular gift choice for a Christening. A statement pearl necklace with simple matching earrings is a favoured choice for mother-of-the-bride or groom

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