Pearl Jewellery

Our pearl jewellery is made by hand using beautiful cultured freshwater pearls, sourced by us for their natural lustre, shapes and colours. We design and create pearl chokers, pearl studs, pearl necklaces and pendants, pearl and diamond earrings and many other items of pearl jewellery. We go to shows and events all through the year with a full range of jewellery if you’d like to visit us so we can help you choose pearls that will suit your complexion and style. If you buy through our online store, please select the Royal Mail Insured option as we’d prefer you to receive your jewellery safely! We hand string and fully knot our pearl necklaces and we use stirling silver and 9ct gold on most of our jewellery. Pearls are meant to be worn; the more you wear them the more they absorb the natural oils in your skin which gives the pearls a lovely sheen. To clean them, see our pearl care page.  We design and create jewellery to be worn doing all the things you love to do although we ask that you take them off in the shower or bath and at night.

Choosing pearl jewellery for yourself or as a gift? Here’s our guide to choosing pearls and our buying tips.  Pearl buying tips.