best Mothers Day gifts

Best Mother’s Day gifts

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Best Mothers Day gifts always show that you have thought about it in advance, thought about the person you are buying for, taken some care over your choice – and actually presented it in person, beautifully wrapped. Of course, sometimes you can’t get all those ingredients in place and you have to post it, or […]

pearl restringing

Pearl restringing service brings new life to your jewellery

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Pearl restringing is an art learned over many years and many thousands of necklaces. Harriet Whinney Pearls use traditional, full knotted restringing to refresh, restore and preserve the life and quality of your pearls. We recommend restringing pearls every two years if you wear your pearls regularly. Our professional stringer, knotting by hand, places an evenly […]

unusual pearl necklaces

Unusual pearl necklaces make wonderful gifts

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Unusual pearl necklaces make wonderful gifts – not least because they show some thought went into the choosing as well as the purchasing process. Most of our pearls  are totally classic and they will always have a place in the heart of a jewellery collection. But sometimes – it needs to be bolder, bigger or […]